Provides a real chemically, bonded Glass Coating for Painted surfaces, Gelcoat,, Metals, Fiberglass, Glass, Bright Work, Anodized, Aluminum, Granite, Tile, Marble, Canvas, Any, Exposed Material.


This Patented formula, chemically grows a "Klear", flexible durable layer of, "Klear" glass about 50 millionths of an inch thick, on surfaces coated; a technology far different then polishes and sealants. This coating creates an increase in distinction (DOI) clarity of reflection "Klearer" and, brighter. Prevents staining from environmental hazards, "KTS" coating leaves ALL surfaces easier to keep, clean.


Keeps its LUSTROUS LOOK for at least a year., Never Yellows or Oxidizes! Never have to use strong cleaning detergents again! Never wax again!

32 oz kit $ 60.49

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