Clean that Dinghy!

After some early Spring forays, our dinghy definitely needed a good clean! What a mess! Numerous beachings with dogs in and out took their toll.


But what to use to get it clean?


It had a a nasty sticky residue on one side, could this be the work of resident herons?


Actually just the result of weeping of the poly/rubber glue from the manufacture we found out.


This is what we used...

And this was the result...Amazing!!

Lots of elbow grease later.... Beautiful!

Little Treazure looked like new.




I am writing to thank you for improving your already wonderful product, “KLEAR TO SEA”. We have used it for four years on all of our maintenance boats. The new non-aerosol version of the cleaner is without match, particularly when we initially detail out a vessel.


The new packaging allows for better control of application—what a trigger! We use the new “KLEAR TO SEA” on not only eisenglass but also instruments, plexiglass windshields, windows and more!


For interiors, it seems to repel fingerprints and dust on mirrors and glass. It also does a streak-free job on formica and high-glass enamel finishes. With this one item in our bucket, we have eliminated the need to lug around at least four other products. THANKS!


Sincerely, Collen Clair Squeaky Clean!



Dear Mr. O’Keefe:


Imagine my delight upon receiving a fresh can of ‘KLEAR-TO-SEA”. Having not attended any boat shows recently where you product is available, I was becoming concerned because my supply was quite low.


As an orthopedic surgeon who wear glasses I found your product to be superior to all other cleaning agents available. I have used your product on the glasses that I wear in the operating room for the past six months. The product thoroughly cleans the glasses, helps to obliterate any superficial blemishes and provides me a clear view of the surgical procedure.


Congratulations on a fine product.



James L. Cain, M.D.



Dear Mr. O’Keefe:


I want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for replacing the two aerosol cans of Klear-to-Sea that rusted through. I will continue to use you outstanding product and look forward to you offering it plastic pump dispensers.


I have quite a bit of plexiglass on my boat which is several years old, and I credit your product with keeping it in like-new condition.


Thank you again for your consideration.


Yours truly,

Bradley Realty, Inc.

Jack Bradly, Realtor



Dear Mr. O’Keefe,


We on board the Swan 51 Wind Dancer have used Davies “KLEAR-to-SEA” on fiberglass, plexiglass, gloss varnished surfaces and metal. We are extremely pleased with its ability to clean these surfaces thoroughly and without streaking or residue. This year, with the help of your products, we won the Rolls Royce & Bently PRIX D’ ELEGANCE award at the Nantucket Swan rigatta.




Capt. Tom Harney III

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl



Dear Mr. O’Keefe:


I write to thank you for the sample of Super Tuff and Clear to Sea. As a person who lives and works around boats, both products have proven to be invaluable.


The winter season always gives a live-aboard a good dose of mmole, mildew and cooking grime. Super Tuff has truly itself as “the way to go” in controlling and getting rid of these evils.


The other product, Clear to Sea has made all my glass, plexiglass and clear vinyl a breeze to maintain.


Please send me information as to where I can obtain more of these products. The rest of the dock has borrowed all that I had left.



Sedjenane M. Sims



I have been so impressed by the product “SUPER-TUFF” that I had to take the time to write to your company. I am not a person who likes to clean. I have my own business and work hard 5 days a week as well as weekends if by business demands it so,- there is not a lot of time left over for the cleaning that has to be done. My husband and I are expecting out of town guests and have been doing “Spring Housecleaning”. Last weekend I ran out of “SUPER-TUFF” and because I couldn’t find it locally resorted to using Fantastic. I can’t tell you what a letdown that was!


I have used “SUPER-TUFF” for almost everything! And when I clean – no more Easy Off and the other chemicals and odor – to the bathrooms with their Lime deposits to the blinds, louvered closet doors, counter tops, walls and even my terrazzo floors. The patio furniture is a cinch!


Because I deal with processing chemicals at my work I have ruined many clothes with stains. “SUPER-TUFF” is the only cleaner that takes the stains out. I couldn’t believe my eyes when a pair of pants my husband was wearing, while cleaning the processor, came out of the was spotless! I cannot say enough good things about you product and I wanted to let you know.


This cleaner is truly a cleaner of a thousand uses!



Marcia Staib

Tequesta, Florida


To: doctorklear@comcast.net Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 3:17:19 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern Subject:  Amazing "KLEAR-TO-SEA" & "SUPER-TUFF"


Hello, I love your logo with the clear globe. Your products are the best. The pump bottle of Klear-to-Sea lasts forever, but the misting spray bottle disappears in an expensive rush. And talk about expensive--I bought a gallon of the Super Tuff and only got to use it twice as the bottom rotted out and the product was lost to the bilge. It was not sitting on anything caustic. I've had gallons of many other cleaning products from West Marine, etc. and this has never happened before. Just thought you'd like to know. The pump spray Kear-to-Sea works great on my glass-top cook stove. Makes it look brand new and seems to repair scratches. It works better than any other product on the market. Believe me, I've tried them all and will NEVER buy another glass top stove.


Jeanette Chapman


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